Using the Satta Chart for Chakra Clearing

In fact, the sattaking chart is a tantra yoga mantra that is often quoted and described in many texts. In its simplest form, it is a yoga sutra with six sattvas or chakras. Each represents a faculty or chakra of the body that may be described as a point along a meridian where energy or life force is blocked. Once these are transcended, ailments such as lack of sexual appetite, insomnia, obesity, epilepsy, hysteria, irritability, forgetfulness, and nervousness can all be cured.

The sattva yantra is also known as the seat of power or “atma.” It represents the first jnana, or the power of self. Its six portions are the Muladhara Chakra, which govern material desires; the Sahasrara Chakra, which govern emotional and intellectual instincts; the Vishuddha Chakra, which govern all aspects of life; the Brahma Nadi, which direct all activities to the higher levels of consciousness; and the Ajna Chakra, which transform the individual. The seat of power is thus equivalent to the initial seed of human existence, which is the Atman or soul. The six parts of the sattva yantra correspond directly to the first five elements – air (prana), water (nasal chakra), earth (viscera), fire (hands), and metal (mind).

In a tantra master’s instructions, the yantra is used to evoke the hidden power that lies within each of the six portions of the sattva yantra. These are then manipulated and directed in order to generate an internal energy field or “aura.” In some cases, this sattva yantra can even be manifested as the sun or the moon. Regardless, whatever the case, the sattvas are then drawn and sustained through meditation, which calls for the practitioner to focus solely on these components without the necessity of reference to other things.

The mantra can also be utilized to facilitate the union between the human and divinity energies. In this way, the power of life and death is harnessed to bolster the possibilities of divine realization. Because the forces at work in the tantric energy field are always in constant motion, the mantra must be precisely executed in order for the process to be effective. This is why a highly skilled tantra master is capable of inducing powerful surges of energy even inside a single cup of tea.

In this way, the yoga master not only facilitates the union of the human and divinity energies but also improves the person’s lifestyle and quality of life. He or she is able to make the most of the sattva yantra by providing instructions to the student on how to use the energy generated by it to improve one’s life in general. After all, this energy will not simply be expelled from the body; rather, it will become part of your very being.

The sattva yantra is the essential building block of yoga because it is said to be the seat of the chakras, or energy centers. The chakra is believed to correspond with the different paths of our existence, and it is through these chakras that we can transform our life for the better. Through the appropriate execution of the yantra, the energy stored within the chart is made functional, and this in turn is capable of influencing the various aspects of the mind, emotions, and physique. As such, it is believed that this chart possesses special powers to influence the other portions of the chart, including the physical, mental, intellectual, and spiritual realms. Thus, this sattva yantra is a very important component for the overall success of a yoga practitioner.

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