Shop in Satta Bazaar For Great bargains on Everything Borno

For travelers on a budget Satta Bazar is the perfect place to buy some basic necessities but also to enjoy some of the local traditions and food. Located in Borno state in the northern part of Nigeria a distance of about 125 kilometers from the nearest city, Benin, satta king up Bazar is considered to be one of the major attraction draws for anyone visiting the area. It is an ideal destination for a holiday that offers both local flavor and sightseeing.

Borno state, located in northern Nigeria has long been recognized as a major producer of rubber and oil. The data that is produced here is used around the world in industries such as agriculture and Textile. There are many traditional crafts stalls in the area that display traditional crafts made by Moroccans, Bornicans and other ethnic groups. These include carpets, jewelry, wood sculptures, metal wares and ceramics. However, the main source of income in Borno state is the production of satta.

While traveling in Satta Bazaar you will find a wide range of goods in the market that are all homemade. You can choose from various different types of Moroccan food – usually spicy – including dates, nuts and chilli. The food is served in clay pots, which are also called satta. Most of these clay pots are over the age of twenty years and are very attractive. The clay pots are then decorated with colorful paints, adornments and patterns.

While in Satta Bazaar you would be surprised to see how the different products are made and if the price is good. In addition, you will be able to see the women working at the market preparing the food in different traditional ways. The prices in the area are moderate and are slightly above the national average per head. While in Borno state, you will find a wide variety of cheap Borno state hotels, serviced apartments and BPO office blocks along with the typical Moroccan restaurants, cafes and food stalls. The prices in Borno are lower than those in other states in Nigeria due to the influx of tourists and currency traders.

A visit to Satta Bazaar will give you a true sense of the culture of Borno state. During your tour, you will be able to hear the vendors explaining the history of the region and the way things were done many generations back. It will also be interesting for you to see their colorful handcrafts and the different pottery items that they have. Some of the most famous vendors here are the ‘Au Damai’ (pottery), ‘Ngoku Idris’ (Bowl), ‘Ugoku Idris’ (Honey Pot) and ‘Achaoum Zarbani’ (seeds). These items are made using traditional methods, but like all traditional African crafts, there are modern innovations which have made things much easier.

In addition to the traditional selling of food and plants, you can also find other local products in the Satta Bazaar. This includes West African crackers, fruit juices, coffee grinders, sugar and chocolate. Of course, all these things are available for a bargain price in Borno! Come to this fascinating market town for a great shopping experience and to experience a different side of African life.

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