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Satta Killa is a card game that has been around in Pakistan for a very long time. The popularity of this card game has grown tremendously since its introduction. Initially it was a simple game played between children. But slowly the game moved from field to field and became extremely popular among all age groups. The younger generation especially love pasta killas due to its simplicity and attractive color combinations. Card lovers are always on the look out for an opportunity to get hold of an authentic satta killa deck and enjoy the game with family and friends.

Satta kings have become extremely famous and many people are getting addicted to this amazingly fun and exciting card game. It is a card game which is played with a normal deck containing fifty-two cards and one king. There are many people who believe that Satta King is a variant of Hold em poker but it is not. Hold em poker is played with a standard deck and the game is played over the Internet with the help of a computer program. However in sat taking the game is played with the traditional decks of the Pakistan people.

The satta king game is originated from Punjab (govt. kerman). It is also referred as Faridabad gilli or Faridabad ziyan. The game is played in the same way as in Hold em poker where you need to buy a bunch of cards and once you have selected a suitable number for your opponents, you need to get rid of your cards and then see that the opponents do the same.

In satta king game the deck is shuffled and the pack of cards is replaced by a new pack. After this, the new pack is dealt to the players and the first person has to call. The second player will lay his hand and the first player can call. If the second player agrees to the deal then the deal is repeated. When the first person has called, then the second person has the option of either calling and putting his card on the board or passing the same to his opponent.

A lot of concentration goes into a state king game as most of the time there are a lot of hands to be dealt. The process of dealing is important as you need to have the winning number, the straight numbers, the triple numbers and also the odd numbers. Once you have these, you need to go through each card one by one carefully until you are able to identify the winning numbers. In case the winning numbers are not identified then you need to have another try and continue the game like this until you have the winning numbers.

You can also play sat taking online mode. There are a few online sites that allow you to play sat taking online mode for free. All you have to do is to register at such sites and you can start playing your favorite game. Some of these sites also allow you to customize your own playing style so that you can always choose the best options available to you.

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