Explore The Magical Satta Bazaar

The famous Satta Bazar in South India is a must visit place for all foodies visiting the state. Famous for its Ayurvedic massage centers, Satta Bazar attracts the health freaks as well as the non-medics who love to spend their leisure hours here sipping tea, enjoying massages and having delicious food. In fact, there is not a single corner in Kerala that does not house one or more massage centers catering to the needs of the tourists. These centers are staffed by skilled masseurs who use their skills and talent to pamper the customers. You can indulge in a relaxing massage with a masseur at Satta Bazar and even buy some herbal products.

If you are craving for some good old fashioned shopping then head to Satta gali Bazar where you will get to shop till you drop. You can get anything from beachwear, jewelry, bags, clothes, accessories, toys, handicrafts to foodstuffs. The largest wholesale market of South India, Satta Bazar is a one-stop market for all your shopping requirements. Apart from this, the place is also famous for its street food which is best sampled during the monsoons. You can opt for charcoal-baked cuisine, rice or congee, ideas and rice cooked in banana leaves.

The food stalls at the bazaar keep on setting alight as people rush to get hold of some good food deals. These food vendors bring in their ‘gourmet’ dishes along with local fresh food. The aroma of the food is irresistible and leaves you craving for more! Some of the popular local delicacies served at Satta Bazar include chicken curry, papadoms, pickles, dosa, masala chutney, relished platters of ram, pulavar, pickle, pepper, etc.

The satta bazaar is also famous for its handicrafts and jewellery. You can buy handloom, jute threads, bamboo work, and bamboo jewelry made by the native inhabitants of South India. The handicrafts are specially crafted to suit the western and traditional needs of the buyers. These products come in a variety of shades and designs. They can be made of different types of natural fibers like jute, sisal, bamboo, cotton and so forth.

You can shop till you drop at the Satta Bazaar. It is open every day for shopping and you can also enjoy the late afternoon shopping session, which is filled with locals enjoying with friends and family over a delicious dinner. You can take a break from the hustle bustle of the city to have some peace and quiet at one of the most vibrant shopping destinations in the country. This place is the perfect place for those who love shopping and wants to experience a pleasurable shopping spree amidst a beautiful ambiance.

The Satta Bazaar has been featured in numerous movies, including Aaglets, Z Sharan, Jodha Akbar, Dushmani, Khaleja, Pyaar Kyu Kiya, and many more. Thus, if you want to experience shopping at its best then you must plan your trip to Satta Bazaar during the festive season, or on a weekend when you can avoid the crowds. This is because the place gets very busy during the peak season and you will find it difficult to get a desired product. So, visit Satta Bazaar during the off-peak seasons and you will surely have a memorable shopping experience.

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